Royal Release

He's A Savage But He Loves Me Like No Other

When a savage has your heart, how are you supposed to ever stop loving him?

Crossing paths with three powerful kings was definitely no mistake for Mulan, Draya, and Makiyah. Three powerful kings who stop at nothing to get what they want. Three men that are known to wreak havoc on those who try them. All three extremely attractive yet dangerous men. Let’s not forget cocky, rude, and filthy rich. They’ve lived their whole lives in Philly, working together to be nothing but the best. And there’s no doubt about it – The Mitchell Brothers are the best. They know it, their rivals know it, and all the females dying for their attention know it. But even with being the best, they each have their own fair share of drama.

Makiyah Brooks never would have thought that the man apparently responsible for her brother’s death is the one man she’s badly falling for. Kendrell Mitchell has managed to capture her heart, but now that she’s found out about him not just being a businessman, she’s unsure if wanting him is really the right thing to do.

Draya Woods’ relationship with the youngest Mitchell brother was something that she’d never expected to happen. Now that it has, she’s over the moon. Although what she isn’t over the moon about, is her dirty little secret waiting for her back home. Malakai Mitchell has her sprung, and he’s treating her in a way she’s never experienced with any man before. Ever. But will he still be treating her the same after Draya’s true nature is finally brought to the light?

Mulan Mitchell always made it certain that keeping it real within her marriage was key. Being honest with her husband about any and everything between them was never a problem. Until now. Rashard Mitchell loves his wife dearly and devotes every fiber of his being into making her happy. However, he may be dedicated in making her happy, but is she on the same mission? Aborting a baby was something that they both agreed was a no-go zone. A no-go zone that Mulan may have just crossed.

Amid all their personal drama, The Mitchells are still on high alert and running Philly with the heavy crown on their heads. It’s certainly not easy being at the top. Can the Mitchells truly have it all?