Royal Release

His Love, Her Heart & His Honor

by Renee

Klarke Ahmad is a smart, sexy, intelligent woman who has spent much of her adult life trying to forget about her past. As a Child Psychologist, she opened her own practice to help those in her community who needed her the most and dives into her work in order to forget her past.
Then one day, her past becomes her present when she receives a call for help from her father.
Klarke’s mother doesn’t want her to go, but Klarke knows that the only way she can truly move forward in life and put the past behind her is to go and help him out.
When Klarke hires someone to help her take care of her father, that someone ends up being the tall and handsome, Xavier Taylor. The moment Xavier sits down to interview with Klarke, Xavier knows he is in the right place to expand his business and find love.
Then comes Jenella.
Jenella is Klarke’s half-sister. She can’t understand why her father calls on Klarke, when she has been right by his side for years. For years, Jenella feels like she is the apple of her father’s eye. In her opinion, Klarke is only the little girl in the picture on Mr. Ahmad’s mantle. To spite Klarke for never being there, Jenella makes it her business to make her feel unwelcome.
Everyone involved in His Love, Her Heart, His Honor has a past that will come back in some way to affect their future. Will everyone involved let the past destroy their love and trust or will the hearts involved survive?