Royal Release

His Ride or Die

Growing up on the rough side of Dillon, South Carolina twelve years old Trinity Banks never was given a fair chance at life. With a mother addicted to drugs and a grandmother who only concern was where her next drink was coming from, Trinity had to become that responsible for young adult. After experiencing some things that a twelve year old girl should never have to experience, Trinity is forced to grow up much quicker than she could ever imagine.

Then she meet Dollaz……
Dollaz is one of the most well known drug dealers around and doesn’t take no prisoners when it comes to running his business. When he runs into Trinity he notices something in the young girl that no one else took time the to see in her. He takes her under his wing and shows her the life she never knew existed. Together they make the perfect team but is Dollaz as loyal to Trinity as he seems to be or is she a naive young girl he can manipulate to get what he want?

Hold on to your seats as this urban spin of Bonnie and Clyde take you on a emotional rollercoaster ride of twists and turns. Sometimes when you think you really know a person you may have to look a little deeper.