Royal Release

Hold On To The One Who Loves You: A Valentine's Day Novella

Kandi is an eager upcoming lawyer. She puts everyone before her, especially her sister Kenya. While she is trying to stay focused on her career goals, she bumps into seemingly the man of her dreams. Kandi’s guard is up when it comes to men, due to the men in her family who painted her the worst picture of the male species.

Darius is fresh out of prison from a crime he committed as a teen. He falls head over heels in love with Kandi at first sight. As he works to pick up the pieces of his life, he tries to find a way to get Kandi to notice him.

Kandi stumbles across Darius’ criminal past and shuts him out before she gives him a chance to explain. Kandi discovers everything is not what it always seems to be. With the help of the ones closest to both Kandi and Darius, will they find a way to push the past? Will Darius prove to be a love that Kandi needs to hold on to?

Find out in Hold on to the One Who Loves You: A Valentine’s Day Novella.