Royal Release

Holding His Heart The Street King of Houston


Love and war, both were deadly things when opposites attracted.

Nova Taylor, the King of Houston and keeper of the streets in his own right, finds that there is only one thing besides the streets that can take hold of his heart: a temptress. One night of bliss leads him to a woman that, unbeknownst to him, has a high status of her own.

The alluring Zen O’Shea has taken the world and its men by storm. A man-eater at best, her bullheaded demeanor has kept her from finding true romance. But a chance encounter with Nova shakes up her one night only policy as he fights to be the one man that changes her style.

Pushing the possibility to be his one and only far from her mind and out of Nova’s grasp, Zen does what she always has when lovers came knocking: run. However, when an enemy forces them to come together and blood is dripping on both of their hands, will love be the antidote or will war be the only resolution for it all?