Royal Release

Honesty & Ahmad: Lies, Love & Betrayal

by DAK

How can someone so beautiful live a life so ugly?

Honesty is a troubled young lady trying to survive. She’s trying to take care of her sister while her mother is battling cancer. She will do any and everything to get money, even if it means taking things that don’t belong to her. But what happens when she takes from the wrong person and falls in love with the right person? When Honesty’s mother dies, she is left with the world on her shoulders. With a best friend like Naomi, who lives like there is no tomorrow, she finds herself in some trouble. 

Ahmad is the man of the streets, and he crosses paths with Honesty. After witnessing all that she’s been through, he proves to her that he’s down for her and willing to be at war with almost anyone for a girl he barely knows. After giving her a lifestyle that she dreams of she betrays his trust, and it’s too much for him to bear. Honesty learns quickly that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.