Royal Release

Hooked On His Thuggish Ways 2

The drama only gets deeper as we dig into this suspenseful story.

The ending left everyone wondering who was behind the wheel of the car and is Keisha ok. 

Jaxsyn is now out for revenge and the only thing he can think about is taking Whoodie out. He also finds himself having a hard time coping with everything going on which results in him pushing the one person that only wants to be there for him away. 

Kaizlyn finds herself deep off in her feelings when Jaxsyn gives her the cold shoulder but the question is, how long will that last? Will Jaxsyn come back to his senses or will someone from her past catch her eye?

In this drama filled story, revenge is something that so many are seeking no matter the cost. 
Lies and drama seem to follow as secrets start to become too hard to hold in, and the past finds itself knocking on the front door, demanding attention.