Royal Release

Hooked On His Thuggish Ways 3

There was only so long that such a secret could be kept quiet. Now with the cat out of the bag, Kaizlyn finds herself in disbelief and in harm at the same time. 

Do you think her father would really go as far as to harm her? 
Is there any way possible that they can rekindle their father and daughter relationship?

Also, with the good comes the bad, so the world says. But Jaxsyn is now living proof that when good news comes, bad things are sure to follow. After being blessed with the good news about his sister, he is caught off guard by a rain of bullets. 

The million-dollar question is, will he survive?

Will both families take a severe loss of a love one or will the impossible become the possible and they both make it out of their situation and still be able to blossom in their relationship, despite the curve balls life keeps throwing at them?

In this explosive finale, revenge will be served, more things will come to light and even new love will arise. 
Open this amazing read and see how crazy life can get when you get hooked on a thug’s ways.