Royal Release

Hopelessly In Love With A Bad Boy

Imagine listening to the sound track of a broken heart. An album full of Ballads about falling in love, heartache, losing love, and finding love again. That would be the Soundtrack of young Songstress, Nyeema's life.

They say good girls love bad guys but Nyeema had no idea what she was in for when she met the love of her young life Justice Glenn. Together, the two of them faced the normal trials that young couples face, with the hope that their love for each other would inevitably conquer all. However, when forces working against Nyeema and Justice come into play, their love is tested.

Life for Justice didn’t start out peachy but with age came wisdom, street wisdom. He took what the streets taught him and used it to better his situation with Nyeema at his side. They normally question whether the woman will stay when the money go, but for these two it’s reversed. Will the change in lifestyle ultimately pull the two apart? They’ve seen storms together but will they be able to stand in the sun together?