Royal Release

Hustler's Fantasy 2

After laying low for three months in the Bahamas, Tookie is eager to get back to Dallas. Though he is in the safest place possible down in the Bahamas, he is willing to take the risk of going back. Before he is able to get to Dallas, he makes a pit stop to visit his brother, Quincy. Fully aware of what’s going on, Quincy introduces him to Anson, his brother-in-law and a trained assassin. Anson gives him a few pointers, then Tookie hires him to assist with identifying the snitch.
The idea of going back home is great, until Big Mama alerts him that an undercover car has been sitting on her house. Not one to scare easily, Tookie decides to go home anyway. He switches things up and hires his younger brother to drive for him. Everything seems to be going smoothly until Brooke rolls up on him at his house. Knowing that Brooke is back to watching him, he takes extra precautions with doing and saying anything. When his sister, Quanda, makes him aware of the arrest of two of his friends, and Yaniyzah points out the people his father had pictured, Tookie begins his snitch hunt.
Yaniyzah doesn’t like the idea of going back to Dallas, but she can’t wait to reunite with her friends. She’s even more excited when Tookie tells her that he is getting her a boutique. After thinking about it, Yaniyzah wants to reestablish a relationship with her father. Everything is going perfect, until she runs into Imani’s father, Montrez. He is demanding that Yaniyzah let him see his daughter. Not knowing what to do, she seeks advice from Quincy’s wife, Kayla, during a visit. She decides to let Imani visit with him behind Tookie’s back, but that isn’t the only secret she is keeping from him.
With Brooke following him, and not knowing who is snitching, you wouldn’t think that things couldn’t get any more stressful for Tookie. Wrong! His mother, who he can’t stand, is getting out of jail and Yaniyzah’s father wants to meet him. Not only that, but he finds out that one of his boys is cozied up with his first love, Joy. A heavy weight is laid upon Tookie’s shoulders, and he is not sure of how to shake it off. Will he let years of friendship go down the drain behind an old love? Will Yaniyzah’s secret break their bond forever, or will it make their relationship stronger? How will he deal with the snitch once he finds out who it is? These questions and more will be answered in the second installment of A Hustler’s Fantasy.