Royal Release

I Am Yours And You Are Mine: Another Brooklyn Love Affair

After being left at the alter by his long time girlfriend, Gigi Romano hasn’t been quite the same. He’s vowed to never have his heart broken again and plunges himself into a world of nameless and faceless women. Ten years later, his player ways are still strong, but other areas of his life are growing weak, especially his relationship with his son. Gigi continually promises to change his ways but always finds himself succumbing to his sexual desires, whether it be with the sultry Diana or levelheaded Melissa. However, when Qui returns to New York City, Gigi believes that his first true love will be able to change him for the better—that is until he meets his Mystery Woman. Allowing her to slip through his grasp once, Gigi swears that if given the chance again he’ll give her everything her heart desires. However, when they meet again through a chance encounter, Gigi realizes that his all might not be enough.

Life hasn’t been easy for Jade Romano either. Fresh out of a divorce, Jade finds herself the eye candy of every woman in New York City except for the one she really wants: her boss, Lia. With the face of a Creole angel, the body of a bombshell, and the vocals to match, it’s no wonder that Lia’s everything Jade could ever want. There’s only one problem—Lia can’t stand her. Although Jade finds herself at the end of Lia’s cool glares and catty ways, it doesn’t stop her from wondering what’s underneath Lia’s marble façade. When she does have a peek, it’s enough to pull her in completely. The problem? Her ex-wife, Brandy. Armed with a poisonous secret and a deadly desire to take back what’s hers, Brandy barrels back into Jade’s life with promises to wreak havoc unless she returns to the place where the pain started. Home.

Every love affair comes with a price and Gigi must pay for the actions of his past while Jade suffers for the choices she’ll have to make in the future. There’s no question that either of the Romano children are strong enough to handle it—the question is: in the end is it all worth it?