Royal Release

I Gave My Heart To The Plug: An Urban Romance

“Forgive me father for I have sinned…I gave my body and heart to the plug.”

Elisha-Marie Donovan was just minding her own business in her Christian bookstore. When in walked trouble, the kind of trouble that she knew she should run away from but instead, she ran toward it. Elisha was the daughter of a pastor who knew nothing about street life, and she sure as hell knew nothing about being with someone from the streets.

That’s what she got, however, when Mikail, A.K.A Venom, came into her store that day. Mikail wasn’t your average guy from the streets. He and his brother Maddox ran a successful club called Venomous. When he meets Elisha, all pure and innocent, he’s drawn to her whether he wants to be or not.

Even though Elisha isn’t made for the street life, she’s about to get sucked into it…so deep that she ends up getting in way over her head!