Royal Release

I Got a Crush On You: A Bad Boy Romance 2

Left half dead and heart broken, Lucky Lewis must pick up the pieces of his life and move on without Mink by his side. Lucky finds himself wishing that he never met Mink, but no matter how much he tries to forget about the sultry vixen, she ends up entering his life when he least expects it. In a strange twist of events, Mink becomes the last thing Lucky has to worry about when his business are destroyed one by one. If that wasn't enough, this unknown enemy places Lucky in the middle of an impending drug war. While everyone looks at Mink as the culprit, Lucky has his own suspicions, leading him to believe that an enemy from the past is back to play. With his back against the wall and treachery sprouting from left and right, Lucky has Yulaney and Loot by his side for one of the craziest rides of his life.

While Lucky is healing, Mink is doing the exact opposite. With a knack for pulling in the most prominent players of the New York City drug game, Mink finds her alliances shifting with each power move she dishes out, leaving some dead or simply wishing they were. Although she's got the brains to run an empire, Mink finds herself constantly playing second fiddle to the men in her life. Tired of only being seen as a pretty face and nothing more, she decides to pull the biggest power move of them all: a seat at the head of the table. Just when she thinks it's impossible, a stranger enters her life with plans to give Mink the status she's always felts she deserves under one condition.

To help put Lucky’s head on a platter.

Love, lust, betrayal and all come together to show that you never get rest while sleeping with the enemy, secrets from the past always effect the future, and whatever's meant to be will always find its way back to you. Stay tuned for the final installment of I Got a Crush on You, which reminds you that there's nothing like your first love.