Royal Release

I Need A Gangsta 2: To Love Me Better

“Quest, Milani is my daughter.” Those 5 words could prove to be detrimental to Aubri and Quest's relationship. As if the potential union between his mother and her brother wasn’t enough to deal with with, there’s Milani.

Seeing her daughter, causes Aubri to face issues she had forced herself to bury. While going through the motions she is also hit with the downside of being with a man like Quest. A course of events leaves Aubri with two options; boss up or get bossed around. Which path will she choose?

Quest loves Aubri, but is love enough when her secrets catches up to them both? He has an empire to grow and money to make. His vow was to never put anything over the grind and when he finds himself doing just that, it forces him to reevaluate everything.

Cross made a vow to get his relationship with Quest back where it was as well as his marriage to, Ashlynn. Things seem to be moving in the right direction but with the paternity of Lia's baby looming over them, you just never know. Will Ashlynn be able to live with the constant reminder of her husbands infidelity if the baby is his? Or will she walk away from him once and for all?

Aside from their personal lives Quest and Cross seem to have their street affairs in order. Unfortunately, with new success comes new enemies. Their once smooth ride in the streets easily becomes a battle of life and death. Who will survive?