Royal Release

I Need a Gangsta: To Love Me Better

From a young age, Aubri Alston has had to fight for everything. She went from sleeping in subway stations to having her own. Her come up didn’t come without a price, though. Now at twenty-five Aubri, struggles to lay her past demons to rest and move on with her future. There was no one in her corner, rooting her on until she met him.

Quest Cardoza, likes to think of himself as a ladies man when in actuality he’s only been serious with current girlfriend, Lia. Although he didn’t see himself settling down anytime soon, due to the life he led in the streets; he kept her around. With new business deals coming into play everything is moving accordingly for Quest until Aubri enters his life and shakes his world.

When two people, coming from different sides of the track, is thrust together, a whirlwind love story erupts. However, all that glitters isn’t gold, and the secrets of Aubri’s past threatens to tear them apart. While Quest is pretty much upfront about his life, the dangers of a silent enemy lurk in the shadows preparing to strike at any moment. Can their love survive secrets and betrayal?

Most men in the streets have a right hand, their go to. And for Quest that man is Cross. Cross is the complete opposite of Quest in every sense. In the streets, he is the hot-headed one, and when it comes to relationships, he’s faithful. Why wouldn’t he be, when his partner, Ashlynn is everything he could hope for in a wife, and mother to his child. However, one night can change it all for him.

The heart wants what the heart wants but will it prove to be worth it in the end for three ladies who just want a gangsta to love them.