Royal Release

Idris & Wisdom: The Most Savage Summer Ever

Wisdom Washington is a twenty-two year old college student trying to find her way in life after her parents died suddenly. Grieving the loss of her parents has her going through a wildin’ out phase that causes her to make some poor choices. Under the guidance of her close friend, Shiheem, Wisdom becomes caught up with making fast money, and partying. The young woman meets Idris Simms and falls fast, but Idris isn’t liking what he’s seeing. He can tell that Shiheem is no good for her, but is he any better? Idris is getting fast money himself and with the eyes of everyone in the city on him, he doesn’t have much room to preach to Wisdom, when he’s lost himself.

America’s opioid epidemic has crept its’ way into the hood of Raleigh, NC and making Idris a very rich man. With his hood riches, come the groupies, haters, jack boys, and the police. Idris is trying to juggle it all, along with the feelings that he has for Wisdom. He loves her, but is he truly ready for love when the streets get all of his time and attention?

Two young people experiencing love for the first time can be one heck of a roller coaster ride but when it happens in the middle of the most savage summer ever, all types of chaos and madness will occur making the relationship’s chance of surviving slim to none.