Royal Release

The Illest Love: Casey & Jonesy's Love Story


Jonsey Brown and Casey Mosley have one thing in common: a lost faith in relationships. Failed relationship after failed relationship with all of the wrong types of men, Jonsey is ready to throw in the towel with only one person standing in the way; her infatuation with the handsome, dark-skinned Casey.
Three years and no moves made are all Jonsey Brown has in the way of a “relationship” with Casey Mosley. Everything she has going on, paired with her self-esteem issues, seems to have things at a standstill, forever. Meanwhile, Casey is the epitome of a bachelor with no interest in relationships for fear of attracting women who want all the wrong things. His mind is starting to be changed when he comes into frequent contact with the big-eyed beauty that is Jonsey. He thinks she could be the one; however, his previous relationships have him thinking that things are too good to be true. Not wanting to give up his freedom for someone who could end up disappointing him, Casey treads lightly with his feelings, which causes mixed signals to be thrown at Jonsey.
Jonsey can tame Casey, and he can bring out the wild side of her, but what can they do when they are both fighting cupid’s arrow? As they are fighting against their attraction for each other, they have no idea of the danger that is lurking close to them. Will the danger threaten their closeness or bring them closer together? How will love play out amongst them once a dark secret of Casey’s is revealed?