Royal Release

I'm In Love With The Hood's Savage 2

With all that’s going on around Mila, she finds it hard to cope. Her life is turned upside down when the man she’s loved all her life turns out to be someone she doesn’t know. Kamari resurfacing has caused Mila to reevaluate her life. Keyshawn is still holding on and fighting for her heart, but Mila doesn’t give in to him so easily. Will Kamari take back what once belonged to him, or will Keyshawn snatch Mila’s heart away from him?

Arianna has just been hit with the worst news ever. Not only is her cousin Audrey fighting for her life, but the man she gave her heart to has betrayed her in the worst way possible. Arianna tries to pick up the pieces of her broken heart and move on with her life. Zay’s biggest fear is losing Arianna for good, but he doesn’t see her ever forgiving him for what he’s done. Will Zay be able to turn things around and get Arianna back, or will their love be lost forever?

JaKehl’s heart is heavy at the thought of losing Audrey. Sticking by her side every step of the way, he’s hopeful that she will forgive him for hurting her. Between making sure Audrey is okay and trying to get rid of his enemies, JaKehl’s patience is running thin. He’s finally admitting to himself that he is in love with Audrey and is ready to give her his all, but is he too late?