Royal Release

I'm In Love With The Hood's Savage 3

It seems like Audrey and JaKehl can’t catch a break. JaKehl has once again broken Audrey’s heart even though those hadn’t been his intentions. JaKehl is determined to make things right with Audrey and do all that he can to eliminate their problems, while Audrey is determined not to let anyone hurt her again. With everything that Audrey has been through, will she be able to trust JaKehl again? Will the love that they have for one another outweigh the bad, or will Audrey regret being in love with the hood’s savage?

Arianna is left holding the smoking gun, so to speak. She’s found herself in an unlikely situation with Zay thinking the worst of her. How will she convince him otherwise? Holding this precious baby in her arms, she has to make a decision. What will it be? Is Arianna capable of putting her feelings aside and be there for Zianna and find it in her heart to forgive Zay?

Kamari had the shock of his life, finding out the truth about Gabby. His anger got the best of him, causing him to be careless. Now he finds himself staring down the barrel of a gun. How will Kamari manage to get himself out of this dilemma? Mila’s intuition tells her that something bad is about to happen, but will she get to Kamari fast enough?

See how everything unfolds as we take this last ride with the couples of I’m in Love with the Hood’s Savage.