Royal Release

I'm In Love With the Hood's Savage

On the way to becoming a successful attorney, Audrey’s professional career is right on track. If only her love life was as promising. Quan, her boyfriend, is not the same man she fell in love with six years ago. Committed to never giving her heart to another, Audrey moves on with her life until JaKehl comes along and pushes his way into her heart.
JaKehl, who is a savage in the streets, loves his money and his strippers. When he meets Audrey, he must find a way to make her his. He manages to break down her walls, but he never anticipates falling in love with her. Will JaKehl be able to protect Audrey’s heart, or will Audrey’s love for a savage leave her in shambles?
Mila, Audrey’s sister, is still dealing with the death of her one and only love. It’s been three years since Kamari disappeared, and Mila hasn’t found the strength to move on. That is until she meets Keyshawn, who makes her heart skip a beat—the way Kamari used to. Will Mila finally let go of Kamari and fall in love again? Will Keyshawn be able to replace Kamari, or will he be just a temporary distraction?
Arianna and Zay are high-school sweethearts. Zay was a star athlete until tragedy struck, and he turned to the street life. Arianna starts a new career with Zay pressuring her to start a family. Will Arianna give in and give Zay what he wants, or will Zay’s selfish actions cause him to lose her altogether?