Royal Release

In Love With A Dangerous Man 2

Things are heating up with Thad and Roby, but her drinking is starting to affect their relationship. Calhoun did the unthinkable to Roby and her inability to deal with the after effects has caused her to go into a downward spiral of destruction. Thad doesn’t know how to relate to the emotional needs of his girlfriend, so will he be able to help her through this trying time or will he decide to walk away?

Tara has her sights on getting her ex-lover back, but she has a dicey situation going on with the unconventional type of relationship that she is involved in. Her decision to be a mistress caused her to run away from St. Louis in order to avoid the possibly deadly situation that may come from leaving Thad. However, it’s Thad that she may need in order to help get her out of the messed up situation she’s put herself into. What will happen when all the ex-lovers of Thad and Roby resurface in their lives? Will the love they have for each other be able to survive all of the dysfunction and chaos?