Royal Release

In Love With A Dangerous Man

It’s not easy being in charge of other people’s lives, and when you’re the type of person that has loose morals and street values, it makes the job that much more exciting but stressful. Roberta ‘Roby’ Charles is living her best life, being an unscrupulous parole officer for the State of Missouri. She’s an alcoholic that likes to use her authority to get recreational drugs and sex from the clients that she serves, and she’s been able to get away with it until a client reports Roby to her supervisor. Now she’s having to clean up her act or at least prove that the client was lying, but that might not be so easy with a new client trying to get into her pants.

Calhoun Washington is a recent parolee that has a bounty on his head and three strikes against him. He has plans to get his share of a lick that he’d hit right before he went back to prison and get out of town before someone takes his life. To make matters worse, Calhoun has to report to his parole officer, Roberta Charles, but instead of trying to work his court ordered plan, he’s trying to work what’s in between her legs, and that isn’t so easy to do. She’s fighting for her own survival and isn’t interested in his advances, and there’s another parolee in her case load that is making it difficult for him to even try.

Thaddeus Brown is on parole for money laundering and is another parolee in Roberta Charles’s case load. He has some mental health issues going on and takes a liking to Roby because she genuinely seems to care about his well-being. There’s an obvious attraction between the two of them that neither one of them can deny, and when Thad gets off of parole, he has plans on claiming Roby for himself. However, there are a lot of secrets about Thad’s life that Roby doesn’t know, and it might push them further apart instead of bringing them together.