Royal Release

In Love With Disaster: A Not So Beautiful Love Story

by Mo'Nik

Failed relationship after failed relationship, Aleina Walters never gave up on love and never let the mistakes of the past men she was involved with keep her from moving on. Even after encountering men like Jahmeel, who was a cheater and controlling, or Mason, who gave her two beautiful children that he couldn’t and wouldn’t provide for, leaving her to struggle before leaving him for good, Aleina knew that her soulmate existed; he just had to find her.

Then Assiah “Disaster” Grand found her, in the least expected of ways. His handsome face, great body, charm, and hard work ethic made him a catch for her, or any woman for that matter. He quickly swept her off of her feet, taking her children in as his own, and giving her everything that she ever wanted, including a real family. When things are too good to be true, however, they probably are, and soon her paradise turns into a disaster.

Disaster’s controlling, abusive, disrespectful, and cheating ways has Aleina living in fear and unhappy in her life and marriage. By then, it’s too late to escape; she is now Disaster’s wife, whom in his mind, he owns. What will become of this not so beautiful love story? And will Aleina make it out alive and find true love and happiness?