Royal Release

In Love With The Hood In Him 2

Jaxyn is fed up with Inaya’s blatant disrespect, and she no longer desires to be her friend. The way Inaya ‘jokes’ with her, was always a sore spot for Jaxyn, but she isn’t willing to take it anymore. Despite the demise of their friendship, Jaxyn knows she can’t continue to sleep with Hiram. She’s not out to hurt Inaya just because she no longer cares for her, but leaving Hiram alone is easier said than done. Jaxyn just can’t understand why it seems that a man that was created just for her, designed to be her soulmate, and destined to capture her heart, has to be the husband of her friend. Just when Jaxyn is determined to leave Hiram alone once and for all, she gets some news that further complicates the situation. It seems as if everything is going wrong for Jaxyn, but anytime she’s in Hiram’s arms, it almost makes it worth it. Jaxyn isn’t only fighting her own feelings, she’s fighting Hiram as well because he refuses to let her walk away. 

Biyou is heartbroken. Never in a million years, did she expect Kinkaid to do her the way that he had. Although she is heartbroken, Biyou refuses to be just another victim of cheating. She is out to hurt Kinkaid just as much as he hurt her, possibly a whole lot more. Kinkaid loves Biyou more than anything in the world, so he refuses to just let her walk away from him. In an effort to clear his name, he goes to great lengths to find out if Unique is pregnant by him, after all. After finding out that she isn’t, Kinkaid is ready to live happily ever after with Biyou. Unfortunately, a secret that Biyou never wanted exposed lands directly in Kinkaid’s hands. As Jaseem prepares for the arrival of his baby boy, he finds himself in the middle of a whirlwind of drama. Between issues with his baby mother, Kinkaid, and Biyou, Jaseem has a lot on his plate. Sadly, the drama is nowhere near an end. When he murders a burglar in cold blood, more problems arise. Ones that will change lives forever.