Royal Release

In Love With The King Of North Carolina 2

Ready is back like he never left, and now that he has avenged his mother’s death, he can focus on getting to the money. Every hustler knows about temptation, and every hustler has a story to tell about the consequences of not being able to resist certain evils. On a quest for money and power, Ready delivers disrespect; disrespect that may end the very relationship that he and Bri has worked so hard to build. The game is about wins and losses, and Ready and his crew are taking more L’s than he cares to admit. Focused on getting his life back on track, Ready has to take a look in the mirror and be willing to admit his faults before he can ask for forgiveness.

Sha Sha is fighting so hard to be happy, and when it doesn’t come naturally, she forces it with drugs. People are coming for her left and right, and Sha Sha doesn’t know how to deal. The one man that is so different from others, the man that she admires and respects, may be the very one that can save her from a path of destruction. But the only problem is, her flaws may be the reason that Aashir isn’t checking for her like that.

Sir and Monet are building a beautiful bond, until shocking news from a relative alters the way Monet looks at Sir. It kills her to know that she may have to walk away from him, but she has to. Loving a thug comes with dire consequences; some can be overcome and some can’t. Read this sizzling sequel to find out which relationships survive among the crew.