Royal Release

In Love With the Plug 3

If you think loving the plug is hard, try being a plug in love. The ups and downs of business are nothing compared to all the ups and downs of trying to have love, happiness, and all that other good stuff.

The last thing Em-kay expected to do was come face to face with a missing, yet important piece of his past. Now searching harder than ever for answers that are a matter of life or death, timing couldn’t be worse as Breelynn is pulled into a mess of trouble that may prove harmful for both her and Em-kay. Will Em have the solution to their problems, or will he uncover the one thing that could lead to a life sentence?

Try as he might, Sas can’t seem to shake the chaos that seems to keep him and Purple at odds. Just when things are on the up and up for them, they’re knocked two steps back, constantly fighting a losing battle. Motherhood has created a new Purple, but the old Purple is ready and waiting for the right person to cross her at the wrong time. Juggling business, divorce, drama, and intimacy is weighing Sas down. Can he rise above it all, or will Purple be forced to remind people that she’s still not to be messed with?

Me Me is doing well by not interfering in Peanut’s personal affairs, but she’s fighting her own personal wars. Tired of playing mother to her siblings because of her mother’s addiction, Me Me is desperate for a change, but will her next move leave her trapped in the crosshairs of danger? Peanut will move heaven and earth to keep Ava from winning full custody of their son, but Ava has a master plan that’s sure to claim innocent victims. Will Peanut come out on top, or will life as he knows it come to an end?

More secrets. Plenty of drama. Twists and turns you’ll never see coming. ALL relationships are put to the test in this explosive finale.