Royal Release

In Love With the Plug

Being in love with the plug isn’t always easy, especially when that love is forbidden.

Best friends, Purple and Breelynn, know that all too well. After secretly being in a relationship for the past two years with Em-kay, Purple’s brother, Breelynn has grown tired of only being able to claim him behind closed doors. She is ready to live their relationship out loud, mainly because she’s now carrying his seed. However, Em-kay isn’t ready to reveal their secret, and for good reason: he’s the reason their relationship is forbidden. Will Breelynn get her way, or will she remain Em-kay’s little secret?

Purple has always followed Em-kay’s every rule, but turning 18 has her ready to break out of her shell and do grown woman things. With a little bit of liquid courage, she finds herself confessing her true feelings to Sas. Never seeing her as more than his annoying little sister, rude boy Sas quickly shuts her down. Loyalty is his middle name, and he just can’t see himself going against the code by going down that road with Purple and betraying his boy, Em-kay. There’s just one thing he’s not counting on: Purple isn’t the type to take no for an answer, and she’s not giving him up without a fight. Will Sas stick to his guns, or will Purple prove to be the kind of temptation he can’t resist?

Secrets are only secrets if no one finds out about them. Will the crew be able to keep their secrets under wraps, or will emotions get the best of them, putting everyone’s truth on blast? In part one of this hood love tale, you’ll find out just how hard it is to love the plug.