Royal Release

Infatuated By a Low Key Boss 2

There are no rules in the game of life. Either you luck up, or you fuck up!

Emerald learns how quickly things can go from peachy to pissy, all in 2.5 seconds. When one of her best workers is murdered, she is forced to come out of the shadows to lay down the law. Yeah, Emerald is a boss, but she isn’t the boss. It’s amazing how quickly bossing up can turn to bitching up when money comes up missing.

With a new connect for his coke, Ezra is ready to jump head first into the game, but before he can even move his product, he’s gotta to find out who robbed his trap, leaving one of his workers for dead. He puts his team of hittas in charge of it, but the person least likely to assist him is the one that comes through in the clutch. The jack boys were only one of his problems, and when Emerald ends up in a jam, he is forced to pay the piper.

Taylin is on cloud nine dating her new beau, McKinley. Though they’ve only been talking for a short period of time, and have already had their share of problems, she is still rocking with him. That is, until Professor Nosa Ealy’s sexy ass shows up to lecture for a week. She had a little crush on him in the past, but he never took any of the bait she threw at him. This time around, however, the tables will turn when he admits to liking her. She tries to ignore him, until McKinley’s night out lands him in the bed with his ex.

Will Emerald be able to repay the debt before feeling the wrath of her father, or will she have to face the music? Will Ezra come through in the clutch, or will he leave Emerald to sort things out on her own? Will Taylin and McKinley be able to move past another bump in their relationship, or will his night out with the boys ruin his relationship forever?