Royal Release

Infatuated By A Low Key Boss 3

Ezra is the boss of all bosses, and when Lil’ Shad calls him with an emergency, he will boss up in a major way. Of course, he can’t go back to Dallas without running into Star. With Emerald by his side, Star quickly learns her place, or so you would think. Star becomes the least of his worries when he learns that his name was mentioned around unfamiliar company —an unforgiveable violation causing Ezra to transform into Juice and handle things like a boss.

Emerald and Ezra’s relationship is like a match made in heaven. Ezra is everything that Emerald imagined he would be, and more. Even with that being the case, Emerald is holding on to a secret that could change their lives forever. Going back to Cali for Hollywood’s graduation is not something that Emerald is looking forward to, especially since she still hasn’t spoken to him. With Ezra by her side, she is comfortable, but still walking on eggshells. Yes, Ezra is the bosses of all bosses, but Emerald reminds you why she is the low-key boss.

Taylin has a lot going on these days. Juggling two guys that want her, she can’t decide which one to choose. When McKinley expresses his feelings for her, it makes her think twice about ending their relationship. But Nosa? He is the perfect guy. Taylin is stuck between a rock and a hard place, trying to decide who she will ultimately give her love to. After her run-in with McKinley and Kaneshia, it becomes easier to abandon her feelings for McKinley and give things with Nosa a chance— but a pop up visit to New York could change everything.

Hollywood is slowly turning into a young man, yet staying true to his real self. His friendship with Lexi has remained constant, but everything changes in the blink of an eye. He has never known what love feels like, so he isn’t sure if that’s what he feels for her or not. Though his mind isn’t sure, his actions show it, but seeing Stormy could either unravel or tighten his bond with Lexi. Hollywood isn’t the only one with a love triangle going— one of his ladies has a triangle of her own.
In the final installment of Infatuated by a Low-Key Boss, half-truths will be told, secrets will be revealed, and gunshots will ring out. When the smoke clears, bodies will be on the ground, but whose? H-Town is where it all began, so that is where it will end.