Royal Release

Jackboys And The Women They Love

They say a real woman will ride for her man regardless of if he's doing good or bad, if he has a corporate job or is slanging dope on every corner but does that include stealing and killing?
Childhood friends Tommy, Knox and Ashanti have always loved fast money and the thrill of robbing made it that much more exciting. Being the down chicks that every guy needs on their side Phoenix and Mecca are along for the ride no matter the consequences. The only exception to the rule was Tommy not wanting his baby sister to follow in their footsteps.
Sayyora was considered the pure one of the group and could do no wrong in their eyes but she isn't as innocent as she seems. Hiding her love for Knox from not only the group but from Tommy as well, will she be able to keep up the facade as the good girl or will her secret change their minds forever?
When problems bring Sayyora in to the fold, Knox does everything in his power to shield her innocence but it proves to be easier said than done. Faced with lies, secrets, and forbidden love, will they be able to continue to ride for the men they love or will they fold under the pressure?