Royal Release

Jholee & Kiandre 3: A Gangsta & His Good Girl

From his good girl to his hood girl…

The kindhearted and naïve Jholee is no more. After years of being told to stand up for herself, Jholee finally takes action, defending her family in the worst way possible. What Jholee doesn’t realize is that by taking the initiative to put herself and her family first, her mental health could suffer. While no one is the wiser, TK works to make sure the woman in his life doesn’t give up the very essence that makes her his good girl.

Good people deserve second chances.

After Chey tried to ruin his relationship with Jholee, TK is determined to prove to Jholee that he’s worth marrying. However, words are nothing without action behind them, and TK has to protect his relationship with Jholee by cutting off the women in his life who want nothing more than to see them apart. Time is running out, decisions have to be made, and in the end, TK has to figure out if giving up his old life will be enough to start a new one with Jholee.

Drama, secrets, and murders are happening at every turn for the Marshall and Kincaid families. Secrets that would break the strongest family foundations are revealed. Take one last ride with Jholee as she learns to find herself, and Kiandre, as he learns how to be the man that Jholee wants and needs.