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Lil' Baby Cuffed By A Street King 2

One would think that your enemy would be an unsuspecting close friend; someone who wants to be like you, with you, or even with someone you’re with. But, never would anyone have thought that an enemy could be your own parent.

LoVonna was excited to let her parents meet the man she so-called loved. When her father dished out the little he knew about Trigga, Vonna questioned their relationship. When an old lady sitting under a tree spoke knowledge into Vonna’s ear, she listened. But it doesn’t change the fact that Trigga had a child that she knew nothing about. She gave her heart to Trigga, and he fumbled it. Vonna finds out about her father’s past, but it doesn’t stop her from wondering why he’s the way he is toward Trigga. Vonna is holding a secret of her own, will this secret uncover itself and expose more than she has bargained for? 

Trigga knew telling Vonna about his son should have been the first thing he told her when he found out. When Vonna’s father brought it up, he knew instantly that he lost her. He knew her father wanted it to happen that way because he didn’t want him dating his daughter. Trigga does everything in his power to keep them together. However, Vonna’s father is the least of his worries. Trigga’s dad isn’t too fond of Vonna. Trigga’s father knows what’s best for his son, and this new chick isn’t it. He’ll make it his business to make sure their relationship will end at his doorstep.

Darcel and Larisa’s relationship is going great until her father tells her to stop seeing him, or he’ll make sure Darcel stays away from his daughter for good. Will Risa take her father as just being overprotective, or will she end things to protect Darcel?

Neen and E are nurturing their relationship back to where it used to be. She doesn’t know that soon he’ll be nurturing something else that changes their lives forever. Question is, could it be the heart of another woman?

Continue this last ride with the crew in Lil’ Baby Cuffed a Street King 2, the Finale.