Royal Release

Lil' Baby Fell For A Certified Hustla 2

First love feelings never really die when you have soul ties.

Khyren Bingham, also known as Tone, had been living his life to the fullest. Women were his weakness, but there was someone who could make him weaker; his wife. She shakes his whole world up by breaking away completely. Tone’s transgressions come to light and Taphne doesn’t know how to deal with the backlash. Will she fight for who she loves, or let the woman from his past take what’s rightfully hers?

AC conducts the crew’s affairs, but they tend to leave her out of the illegal business. Her life has been anything but simple as she has maneuvered through life without the person she gave her whole heart to. Finally, she is becoming the person she is destined to be, but will her past try to stop her progression?

Seven and Tone are trying to find out who has been causing turmoil in their lives. Both men try to use their intuition to figure out the next move, but they are always one step behind. Lives get turned upside down as enemies come in to destroy their legacy.

Love can make people do crazy things. In the end, everyone wants that feeling of true love, but what will they do to make it work?