Royal Release

Lost in a Thug's Love 3: The Finale

In the finale, to Lost in a Thug’s Love, Omere and Chasity, the couple we have come to love is faced with some of the toughest obstacles they have been faced with yet.

With Kyle in the wind and Chasity the prime suspect in his disappearance, Omere has to race against time to ensure her freedom while maintaining his own.

Red is back and this time he has reinforcements. After receiving a welcome to the inner circle gift from Omere he sets out on a a road of vengeance, which ultimately costs him more than he bargained for.

Death is nature’s way of maintaining balance in the circle of life, but when its hits close to Chasity and Omere’s home their lives are shaken a bit more than either of them can handle. Death, in addition to, secrets and betrayal threaten to tear their lives apart at the seams. They say if you want something to work and work out it, it can work but somethings are irreparable, is their relationship?