Royal Release

Lost in a Thug's Love

Have you ever been so engulfed in love that it takes over your way of thinking, your way of feeling and how you see the world? Chasity, who is engaged to be married, finds that there is a whole other side to love. One she hasn’t experienced until she met him.

Omere, natural born hustler, Casanova in his own right is one who prides himself in getting what he wants. After spending years waist deep in the game he has learned ways to maneuver around obstacles, regardless of which form the obstacles came in. After five years of not seeing or hearing from her, he runs into the one that got away. After making a vow that he would not let her get away again he pursues her with everything he has. Her impending wedding wasn’t enough to stop him… but then there’s the Feds and the snakes slithering in his backyard.

Kyle is more than ready to commit himself to Chasity till death does them part. However, he has a secret looming over their relationship like a dark cloud. It could threaten everything he has spent his entire life preparing for. However, while Kyle was busy trying to keep his secret under wraps a bigger threat was awaiting.

When Chasity’s world collides with Omere’s fireworks are set off. But when the smoke clears who’s side of the battlefield will she end up standing on? If there’s anyone left standing at all.