Royal Release

Love Conquers All: Briana & Kingston's Love Story

Everybody has skeletons in their closet, right?

With seven years under their belt along with four beautiful girls, Kingston and Briana have what may seem like the perfect marriage. They love and respect each other and over the last seven years Kingston has never given Briana any reason to think that he is stepping outside of their marriage, until now.

Briana’s past isn’t squeaky clean, which includes being the mistress of Blair Chandler, a man who does not like to lose. When King comes home with a passion mark on his neck and smelling of a woman, Briana thought that her date with karma had finally caught up with her, especially when she learns that Blair has moved to Miami to be close to her and claim what was once his. Blair links up with Kingston’s ex girlfriend, Carmella, to take down, what Miami has dubbed them, The King and Queen of Miami.

When everyone’s skeletons start coming out the closet and Briana, and Kingston’s marriage become shaky, will they fall victim to a divorce, or will the love they have for each other overcome the recent events of betrayal and deceit?