Royal Release

Love Drought: A Complete Novel

Unreciprocated love is what best describes the relationship Emerald Jacobs, found herself suffering through with longtime boyfriend, Trent Wright. There’s a difference between staying with someone out of pure love and staying because you feel you are indebted to them. Emerald finds herself on the fence of those feelings. That is of course until, fates crosses her path with the Path of Zion Jackson.

Zion is on a paper chase. Although finding a girl he can consider the one is something he wants, it’s not what he’s chasing at the moment. But of course, what is meant to be, will be, whether you are looking for it or not. After a chance encounter with Emerald, the two of them find it nearly impossible to stay out of each others lives even with the dangers that follow.

While Emerald is battling for a spot in Zion’s life; there is one girl who’s position in his life is solid. That is his younger sister, Zamani. Zamani is used to having Zion being his overbearing protective self, but now she is on the brink of womanhood and experiencing her own trials in life and love. She learns first hand the effect of needing someone who doesn’t need you. Unfortunately, the love she feels she can’t live without is forbidden, making Zion the last person who could find out.

In life, we make sacrifices and hope for the greater good. After years of going without, all Emerald, and Zamani longs for is to love and be loved. Can the stars finally align for their love lives or will they continuously be consumed by Love Drought?