Royal Release

His Love, Her Heart & His Honor 2

by Renee

Klarke returns home to end her affairs with Jeff for good. He was out of line when he showed up at her father’s house. Klarke knows dealing with Jeff could become bad for business if she doesn’t stop him. Xavier wants to make sure, Klarke knows she never has to be alone anymore, even when her dealings with Jeff suggest they are more involved than she admits.

Deedee is constantly dialing Xavier’s phone, pretending Xavier’s best friend needs him. She doesn’t want Xavier close to Klarke, even though she married Klarke’s would be high school sweetheart. Deedee has developed a silly vendetta against Klarke. She is willing to destroy her own image in order to prove Klarke isn’t perfect. Everyone forgets about the skeletons in their closet, until those bones get up and start walking.

Will Klarke and Xavier learn to trust each other despite their past, or will Klarke’s father never see his daughter be embraced by the man he trusts to protect her after his death?