Royal Release

Love & Loyalty 3

by Renee

The hardest thing for Trey is seeing the one woman he truly loves, laying up in a hospital bed. Yet, he is comforted by the thought he helped end the life of the man who put her there.

Speculation is heavy, who killed his accomplice? Did Keisha kill that man with malice or did Jerzei kill him? Now both Trey and Cedric aim to protect the women they love. The question of loyalty comes in to play, because Cedric is trying to figure out why Trey is avoiding his calls.

The only thing Trey is trying to do is keep his word to Halei and her family. How does Halei handle knowing the people in her life aren’t who she has always believed them to be? Will she crack under pressure and risk losing it all with her decision or will she make the best decision to give her and her baby girl peace?