Royal Release

Love, Marriage & Infidelity 2

Tension is high between Josie and her estranged husband Kennedy. Josie decided to take the girls and run to Colima with Tiffany, to provide moral support when she meets Diego’s grandparents for the first time. At first, Josie felt relief because she managed to get away from Levi; who’s been applying his full court pressure. But when he shows up in Colima, with a personal invite from Juan Carlos. Things between Josie and Kennedy are pushed further on edge.

Diamond is having a difficult time accepting her new role in Levi’s life. She’s used to getting all of Levi’s undivided attention. But since Josie has blown back into town, and left her husband, things are looking bleak for Diamond and her sugar daddy.

However, Diamond has trick up her sleeve that will change the course of everyone’s relationship. And may cause the one fragile marriage that seems to be holding on by a thread to break!