Royal Release

Love Me When It Hurts: Paige & Jacolby

Paige Monroe has been raised her entire life under strict supervision of her Christian parents. Her father, Granville Monroe, is the pastor of Zachariah Missionary Baptist Church. Her mother, Priscilla Monroe, is the epitome of a first lady. She cooks, cleans, and takes care of the house while her husband takes care of the finances. Paige wants more than the old southern traditions that she was raised with. After she meets Jacolby Houston, her world turns upside down.

Jacolby Houston was dealt a bad deck of cards. His mother died when he was only three years old, leaving him to be raised by his alcoholic father, James Houston. James was an angry drunk and often took his frustrations out on young Jacolby. When Jacolby turned fourteen, he left his father’s home for good and turned to the streets for comfort.

Paige and Jacolby meet in elementary school and formed a bond that no one can seem to break, not even her parents, who despise him. She falls head over heels for the rough guy from the other side of the tracks. Jacolby’s issues with his father taint the way he shows Paige love and affection. He often talks more with his hands and negative words. Paige struggles as she tries to fight for the love of her man and hide the abuse from her family and friends.