Royal Release

Love or Loyalty 2

by Renee

Halei is missing and Trey is at the police precinct being questioned about the last time he was in her presence. Jerzei has summoned her ex- boy toy, Bernard to help her keep Trey’s attention. She doesn’t realize that is the worst mistake she could have made until it Is too late. Just how far will she go to keep Trey to herself?

How in the world is it that everyone seems to be against Halei, when she is always quick to put their feelings ahead of her own? She doesn’t know who she should trust.

Keisha’s dream of happily ever after, seems to be coming true. Cedric has shown her that he is all about helping her put the past behind them, when he presents her with a ring.

More Drama unfolds in the second entry of Love Or Loyalty 2!!