Royal Release

Love or Loyalty

by Renee

Meet sisters, Jerzei and Halei Smith. Jerzei is your street queen, content with living the fast life and loving a thug. The thug she loves happens to be her sister, Halei’s best friend, Trey Jones.

Halei has big dreams of becoming a celebrity journalist and she wants to see her best friend, Trey, get out of the drug game to follow his dreams of becoming a top designer. She names him Trey Jonz.

Dreams seem to be coming true for both Trey and Halei. Halei graduates with a degree in Journalism and she gets a job offer to intern with a huge entertainment company in Paris for the summer. Trey sells a patent of his design and he has contracted to design more in the near future. Halei shares her true feelings with Trey. He tells her that she needs to go after her dreams and if they are meant to be, they will be, when she finishes her six-month internship in Paris.

When Halei finishes her internship in Paris, Halei hides her devastation and hurt when she learns that her best friend, married her sister.

She is still in love with her best friend, but all she can do is bury her feelings for Trey and move on. The last thing she wants is to cause a bunch of confusion in her family.
Halei gets an assignment from her new boss to conduct an exclusive interview with up and coming designer, Trey Jonz. Halei is reluctant, but her college roommate, Sierra, convinces her that in order for her to get over him she has to face him.

One thing leads to another after the interview and shit hits the fan. Jerzei becomes suspicious of Trey. She is also worried that karma is about to bite her in the ass. Jerzei is willing to do whatever it takes to hold on to Trey.

Grayson Peters has gotten close to Halei during the four years they spend together in college. He and Halei’s roommate, Sierra, have become so close they can almost complete each other’s sentences. When Halei needs a babysitter, between the two of them, one of them is there. Grayson hopes that Halei will finally make up her mind to let her feelings for Trey go, while Sierra hopes she won’t.

When someone comes up missing, motives are noted and new facts are discovered. In the end, there will be a choice: love or loyalty.