Royal Release

In Love with a Southern Street King

by KL Hall


Angel Harrington is the definition of an independent woman. She has a level head and grounded spirit. She never looked for a man to take care of her, even after meeting and falling in love with Saint Phillips, who started as just a corner boy for her father’s drug empire. The two spent many years together until her father’s death and his rise as the next in command tore them apart. Still heartbroken over how they ended, she has a problem with trust and commitment when it comes to Saint or any other man that comes her way. When she learns of something that could upset the empire that Saint has worked so hard to maintain, and with her father’s blood, sweat and tears in it, she has to choose whether to ride or let their opportunity for a second chance between them die.

Saint Phillips is the CEO of King’s Playhouse, Atlanta’s most popular new strip club. He’s happy that he has found another way to clean his illegal revenue, but heavy is the head that wears the crown. When his empire is tested, he’ll have to rely on his power to settle a war that’s
brewing in the streets all while appearing to remain knee deep in making the Playhouse a

Reese and Omari Grant are the definition of a true power couple. He’s part owner of the King’s Playhouse and she’s a certified nurse midwife. They were high school sweethearts and have been together for seven years. She believes that the two of them are soulmates and are living their happily ever after, but when Omari begins to struggle with the seven-year itch, a strong whiff of temptation could ruin their happy home for good. Things come crashing down all
around them when Reese learns he’s not the man she’s made him out to be.

Sierra Gray was born poor and refuses to die that way. As the premier dancer at King’s
Playhouse, she doesn’t have a problem using what she has to get what she needs. When she’s
roped into a deal with a devil from her past, she devises her own plan to keep herself fit in Gucci
and Gold forever, but who will she bring down in order to lift herself up?

In a business where sex, money and greed rule everything around them, everybody’s out for something. Will they sell their souls for the almighty dollar or walk away with something more valuable, love?