Royal Release

Lovesick Over You 2: Omari & Selen's Love Story

When will enough be enough? It seems like Omari and Selen can’t catch a break, and it’s dragging the family down with them. But how far down will everyone be dragged? Selen had held out hope and fought for the only man that she had ever loved, but will her fight be enough to keep them on the track that they were so desperate to start on?
Omari had finally put his pride aside and admitted to Selen that all he wants is her at home with him and their son. After all, she is the only woman who has ever had a grip on his heart, and he would be crazy to let that go … or would he? With everything in life trying to pull them apart, should Omari call it quits and just agree to co-parent?
With a gunshot sounding out, the only question is who was hit, and how does this affect the lives of everyone caught in the crossfires of this love that Omari and Selen share?