Royal Release

Lovin' A Gangsta Ain't Easy: Jacinda & Mikah's Story

by Mo'Nik

Jacinda Whitaker is a highly respected defense attorney who wants nothing more than to keep her good name and reputation. However when she isn't defending people accused of sexual, drug-related, and violent crimes and murder, she is moonlighting as an escort for a very distinguished service to satiate her addiction to sex. All is going well until a young woman also employed by the prestigious service gets into very deep waters and needs the legal representation of the city's best defense attorney, Jacinda Whitaker. The beautiful but ruthless woman soon discovers Jacinda's secret life and blackmails her into representing her, threatening her life and career if she is found guilty of the charges brought against her!

Enter Mikah Cera, the young woman's street boss. Jacinda needs his help. Sexy but dangerous and rough around the edges, Jacinda can't help to be attracted to the brotha. But the way that their lives and careers are set up, the savage beauty isn't the only one that can ruin her life and career.

In a battle of streets versus smarts, common sense versus book sense, who is bound to win? And will Jacinda choose love and Mikah over clout and her career because at the end of the day LOVIN A GANGSTA AIN'T EASY!..