Royal Release

Lovin' The Alpha of the Streets: A Valentine's Day Novella

by KL Hall


The Chicago crew is back, and this time around things are more emotional than ever. With the love of her life by her side, Savannah cannot wait to become Mrs. Pharaoh Blackwell. As much as Pharaoh wants to give her everything she’s ever wanted, things are never that simple in the Chi. As they inch closer to their Valentine’s Day nuptials, the body of a BBG member along with his plug end up dead, making February the bloodiest month of the year.

Frenchie and Elite have settled into married life well and are expecting their third child together. When her deepest secret is revealed, she’ll have to come clean and risk losing the love of her life and the family she’s worked so hard to keep together. Will the couple stay true to the vows they took and love each other for better or worse? Or will their hood fairytale end without a happily ever after?

With a wedding and the birth of a new baby just around the corner, time is not on anyone’s side. Everyone will have to make choices that could put everything they’ve ever wanted at risk all in the name of love. Take one last ride with Savannah, Pharaoh, Frenchie and Elite and let the heat between the pages of this Valentine’s Day novella set your heart on fire.