Royal Release

Loving a Boss 2: I Do It for You

Alana Jefferson has shaken and tuned Reign and Keegan’s lives upside down. She is on a mission to take what she claims is hers and destroy everyone that gets into her way, including the Washington Family’s beloved hotel. Keegan is not without fault. His second head calls most of the shots that has caused the same amount of destruction as Alana.
Thanks to Alana, Reign is left fighting for her life and the life of her unborn child. Keegan stays by Reigns side and pray that she and the baby pull through. He never knew love like what he has with Reign, but doesn’t understand why her continues to hurt her so much. He refuses to admit that he has a serious problem.
While Keegan and Reign are fighting in the hospital their families have both nearly gone insane. Iesha blames Reign for her miscarriage and that only add fuel to their sister rivalry. Not to mention the fact that their mother, Nyla, is trying her best to get clean for Reign’s shake. Iesha is furious and finds that she is more than jealous of Reign, she flat out hates her and is out for revenge against her sister.

Valerie is trying her best to prove she didn’t have anything to do with Charmaine’s death despite what her family and the detectives thinks. Kenya feels alone as the family are all dealing with their own issues. She throws a dagger in her brother’s life when she befriends no one other than Alana.

Alana is so closed to getting to Keegan but when her mother come into town everything changes. Alana has to get rid of her and Detective Armstrong, who is hot on her tail thanks to her mom. Alana is down but not out, she has many more tricks up her sleeves and her latest idea is surely going to be the end of the Keegan and Reign era and be the start of Keegan and Alana.