Royal Release

Loving A Thug 2: Chyna & Hosea

by Cayla

Can love really conquer all? In Part 1, Chief’s little secret was exposed, and Portia couldn’t stomach the thought of him entertaining another female. With his relationship with Jazzy on front street, Chief is working overtime to make Portia understand how sorry he is for stepping outside of their relationship. Portia, on the other hand, isn’t having it. When you give a man your all and he still finds his way to another woman’s bed, love just isn’t enough to stay in the relationship. Can Chief keep a clear head to get his girl back? Or will he self-destruct while trying to cope with the pain of losing Portia. 

Chyna and Hosea are back together and better than ever, but Cita is still in the shadows lurking and willing to do any and everything to show Chyna that she’s who she should be with. Hosea is learning how to be a dad, businessman, and still be there for Chyna. With Deuce’s death still a mystery, Chyna has to place blame on someone, and Hosea seems like the perfect target. Will she push him away, or will she realize that Deuce’s death was a result of his own selfish actions?

Kyng and Neesha are just going with the flow and trying to see where they fit in to each other’s lives. Tiff isn’t giving up without a fight though, but will a secret Kyng had been keeping from her cause her to team up with someone who has been plotting on Kyng’s demise? Neesha is trying to stand on her own two feet since falling out with her mom and boyfriend. She wants to keep in contact with her siblings and help her mom find a way out of her dead-end relationship, but not everyone wants to let a toxic lover go.

In Part 2, every relationship is put to the test. Friends turn into enemies, and ex-lovers refuse to admit that their relationship has run its course. What happens when people don’t know how to let go? Follow these six friends and find out for yourself.