Royal Release

Loving A Thug 3: Chyna & Hosea

by Cayla

Part two ended in a BANG, literally. With Cita still on the loose, causing problems, Hosea and Chyna are more than fed up and ready to rectify the issue permanently. Cita isn’t their only issue though. Hosea’s ex-wife, Rae, had seemed to become blinded by her new man and baby, leaving Hosea to make sure his sons are safe and out of the way with all of the turmoil around them. 

Chief is still trying to convince Portia to give him another chance, but he can’t seem to keep his extracurricular activities under wraps. Instead of wooing Portia, he seems to be digging himself into a deeper hole. Portia wants to forgive Chief, but he isn’t making it easy. Her heart wants what it wants, but she refuses to look like an idiot over a man who seems to like sharing what’s supposed to be hers. Carrying his child doesn’t make it any easier. Can Chief and Portia get back on track, or will a surprise pop-up dismantle all of the progress Chief was able to make?

Neesha is struggling with the death of her mother, but Kyng is there to help her cope. With Dee out of the picture and her sisters finally in a safe environment, Neesha is fully able to devote her time to building a strong relationship with him. But with happiness comes a miserable ex determined to destroy what they’re trying to build. Will Kyng keep his faith in his woman, or will he let a bad situation make him walk away and not look back?

These six friends have been to Hell and back, but their love for each other can never be questioned. Sometimes, you have to love someone from a distance… Will that be the case for them, or can they all get their happily ever after?